Multiple WIPs – A good way to bypass writer’s block? Or a recipe for procrastination?

With Departure and Other Stories completed and published, I found focusing on what to work on next to be somewhat of a struggle. I wasn’t out of ideas but rather in the opposite situation: I have a sizeable list ranging from the very vague (just a character/theme/setting in mind) to the more detailed.

At this moment, I have four writing projects on the go: two blogs (this one and another that is unrelated to my fictional writing) and two short stories (one of which would likely form part of my next collection). I thought that having multiple projects in progress would be a good way to avoid the dreaded writer’s block – i.e. that, when I reached a sticking point on one project, I could simply move on to one of the others until inspiration for the previous one returned. I still feel that it could be a successful strategy (certainly writing for the blogs shouldn’t be a problem), but I’m also well aware that it could be a slippery slope: I may end up with a ridiculous number of WIPs and be nowhere near to finishing any of them!

I wonder what other writers think. Do you work on several pieces of fictional writing concurrently? Or do you prefer to wrap each one up before starting another?


‘Departure and Other Stories’ now available in five more digital stores

Departure and Other Stories is now available from the following digital stores in addition to Amazon:

Barnes & Noble (for Nook)




Page Foundry

I like the fact that the book’s page in the Scribd store shows the number of page views and shows me an attractive image of what the book would look like in hardback.

It would be useful for authors/publishers if all digital stores provided figures of how many page views have accrued, how many times the ‘look inside’ feature has been accessed, and how many times a sample has been downloaded. I’m sure the retailers have good reasons for keeping those figures to themselves, but I imagine it would be fairly simple for them to make it a feature alongside the sales reports.

Carnival Day

As promised in my previous post, here is an excerpt from ‘Carnival Day’, chapter two of my book, Departure and Other Stories.

Download excerpt

‘Carnival Day’ was the last story that I started writing for the project and the fourth to be completed. It’s definitely the most light-hearted, and is one of my favourite pieces in the series.

Launch Day

Last night, I finally hit ‘save and publish’ to launch my first book, Departure and Other Stories on Amazon. Waking up this morning to find the book available in the Kindle store has left me feeling elated. At the same time, I’m a little nervous that my book – which, to date, has only been read in full by myself and my wonderful editor – is now viewable to millions of people across the world.

I hope readers will find it both thought-provoking and entertaining. You can sample the beginning of the book here. In my next article, I’ll be posting an excerpt from ‘Carnival Day’, the second story in the collection. Follow this blog to be notified of this and future posts.