Multiple WIPs – A good way to bypass writer’s block? Or a recipe for procrastination?

With Departure and Other Stories completed and published, I found focusing on what to work on next to be somewhat of a struggle. I wasn’t out of ideas but rather in the opposite situation: I have a sizeable list ranging from the very vague (just a character/theme/setting in mind) to the more detailed.

At this moment, I have four writing projects on the go: two blogs (this one and another that is unrelated to my fictional writing) and two short stories (one of which would likely form part of my next collection). I thought that having multiple projects in progress would be a good way to avoid the dreaded writer’s block – i.e. that, when I reached a sticking point on one project, I could simply move on to one of the others until inspiration for the previous one returned. I still feel that it could be a successful strategy (certainly writing for the blogs shouldn’t be a problem), but I’m also well aware that it could be a slippery slope: I may end up with a ridiculous number of WIPs and be nowhere near to finishing any of them!

I wonder what other writers think. Do you work on several pieces of fictional writing concurrently? Or do you prefer to wrap each one up before starting another?


One thought on “Multiple WIPs – A good way to bypass writer’s block? Or a recipe for procrastination?

  1. Well, I’m working on my second novel, but because this is taking such a long time, I have broken into it one or twice to write short stories (mostly to order, for competitions). It’s difficult, because with a novel there’s so much to hold in your head. When I come back to it after a break I need time to familiarise myself with it again. And there’s always the blog…

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